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Dr. David Katzenstein, DSW, LCSW-R, received his doctoral degree from NYU and Master's degree from Hunter College School of Social Work, both after completing his BA in Psychology at Touro College.  He is a consulting reviewer for the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse and the Clinical Social Work Journal


In addition to his private practice, Dr. Katzenstein is the Chief Clinical Officer at SIMHA, a mental health organization in Brooklyn. Previously, he was the Clinical Director of the Department of Behavioral Health at Premium Health Center and a clinical supervisor at Maimonides Medical Center- Child & Adolescent Department of Psychiatry. He has written in numerous publications, published in academic journals, and presented across the globe on myriad topics related to psychology and mental health.


Aside from his clinical work, Dr. Katzenstein has served as an adjunct professor and clinical instructor at NYU, Yeshiva University, and Touro College. He has researched and taught classes in psychotherapy, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and forensic psychology

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