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Dr. Katzenstein has been trained in numerous psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral modalities and tailors treatment based on the needs of the client.

One size certainly does not fit all. 

Areas of Focus

Dr. Katzenstein treats adults across the spectrum of psychological issues including behavioral addictions, anxiety and depression, as well as relationships issues, life transitioning and religious conflict.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will cover many aspects of your life and focus on the issues and challenges you currently face. Many people feel apprehensive about starting this process and it is quitenormal to feel some anxiety. Usually, clients find that it is more comfortable than they had imagined and that it can be liberating to express themselves in a therapeutic setting.

Solution-Focused Therapy

People often come in with specific issues they want to address and a short-term, solution-focused approach can be highly effective. 

Long-term Psychotherapy

While clients generally hope they can move in and out of therapy quickly, it can sometimes be the case that there are deeper-rooted issues that can often take some time to process, explore, and address in the most effective way possible. 

Couples Therapy

Partners in conflict often need a third party to help bridge relationship chasms. Therapy is goal-oriented and helps couples regain trust and intimacy.

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